Our standard offering will include consulting services, executive coaching, training, and talent strategy.  By using our services, organizations will be able to understand their current talent situation through the Predictive Index assessment.

We will work with companies to understand and evaluate current FTEs and team dynamics while also building out a best practice for hiring and retaining talent.  Elevate Talent Advisors will promote Predictive Index assessments to companies so they can use this with employees to build awareness, close gaps, and invest in people.

Elevate Talent Advisors will group our offerings into four narrow areas:  Hiring Success, Functional Talent Effectiveness, HiPo or Emerging Talent, and Leader Agility.  Within each of these buckets we will help organizations with the following:

  • Hiring Success
    • Behavioral and cognitive assessment
    • Job descriptions
    • Identification of critical competencies
    • Interview guides
    • Hiring process
    • Interview effectiveness


  • Functional Talent Effectiveness
    • Behavioral assessments and cognitive assessments
    • 360’s
    • Culture assessments/engagement surveys
    • Team dynamics
    • Organizational alignment


  • High Potential Talent
    • Behavioral and cognitive assessment
    • Definition
    • HiPo development planning
    • HiPo coaching


  • Leader Agility
    • Behavioral and cognitive assessment
    • Coaching
    • 360’s
    • Succession Planning