The Cognitive Assessment is a great predictor of success for almost every role and should be one of three factors considered when making a hiring decision.  We will work directly with you to create Cognitive Ability targets for each of your jobs.  As you can see below, we will work assign each job a target, which we will use for our cognitive ability fit score.  In this example we have an administrator, sales representative, and rocket scientist.


When we dive into the administrator role, we find that the target raw score is 18.  However, as you will see below this person scored a 20.  Based on the sliding scale below, we find that this person actually scored 10/10 for fit for this role.



As a business leader, imagine having the tools for you and your team to answer less then 100 simple questions, which will automatically build out your roles behavioral profile and job description.  Elevate Talent Advisors’ tools also allow the ability to facilitate sessions with multiple people within your organization to build consensus around the behavioral profile and cognitive requirements.


We can then administer assessments to candidates that will allow us to compare the needs of the employees against the demands of the role.  This behavioral assessment will help us understand if their “heart” is aligned to your role.  For instance, if you are hiring someone that needs to be collaborative, a very high dominance score would be a concern.




The final component, Briefcase, is measured by human interaction.   A well thought out interview process, a review of resumes, and a conversation with references will allow a clear, concise understanding of the applicant and will give you comfort when offering them a role in your organization.