On my 25th Birthday, I wrote down three simple business goals that I wanted to accomplish by 35.

  1. Find my career passion (What will create a long-term intellectual curiosity?)
  2. Study to become a strategic advisor within my field
  3. Start my own firm within that passion/practice area

The ages of 25-30 were very rewarding, as my wife and I welcomed our first and second child to our family, my teams won several awards, and to the outside world I was on the fast track to success. At the age of 30, I was becoming concerned that I may never find a field that I was truly passionate about. However, one month prior to my Thirtieth Birthday my former Regional Leader, David S., asked me to lead the sales team within an exciting startup Company. He basically said the job is yours… You just need to pass a test.

I was energized about the opportunity and possibility of working with David, but I wasn’t so sure about taking “a test”. I logged on to take the assessment and completed it within five minutes. A woman from the HR group called me an hour later and shared my results. I was blown away – it was as if the company had just sent someone to spend the day with my Mother to learn detailed informatoion about me and my preferred work styles. They knew my preferred workplace environment, my motivating needs and associated behaviors. I wasn’t sure if her detailed review was an explanation of why they weren’t going to hire me or if it fit their profile. Little did I know that a week after my 30th Birthday, that this conversation that would spark a passion.

As a business leader, I learned just how complex people really are. My experience in the consultative world enlightened me that science (if deployed properly) can fundamentally impact business metrics when hiring, coaching, and making promotional decisions. The science also proved that rather then just focusing on someone’s BRIEFCASE (EXPERIENCE), we must also focus on their HEAD (ABILITY) and HEART (BEHAVIORAL DRIVERS) to make educated people decisions.

Fortune 500 companies are using advanced analytics and have dedicated resources focused on recruiting and retaining the world’s top talents. Unilever announced during the last week of June, 2017 that they are now using Artificial Intelligence to screen candidates and no longer spending time reviewing resumes. They have found advanced use of psychometric tools have increased efficiency by focusing on the candidates that meet their HEAD, HEART, BRIEFCASE specifications.

Last week I turned 38 and I’m three years late on goal #3 of the 25-year-old version of me. The 25-year-old version of me did not realize that my passion (Decoding Human Behavior), or the journey (that would be necessary to become a trusted advisor in this space) would be so complex. However, with the guidance and support of many people I have had the unique opportunity to guide some of the largest companies in the world on their strategic talent initiatives. This experience and the eight year journey has led to the launch of Elevate Talent Advisors.

Elevate Talent Advisors

Over the previous six months, we have been preparing to launch Elevate Talent Advisors, which is based in Excelsior, MN. Elevate Talent Advisors provide technology and solutions that will allow executives to improve business performance by realizing the value and potential of people. We will do this by sharing people best practices throughout the employee lifecycle and tools that will allow our clients to become self-sufficient decoders of human behavior.

Research has shown the average recruiter spends six seconds reviewing a resume to determine if they should bring someone in for an interview. During their six-second review, they spend a majority of the time on education and work experience (briefcase). When that person gets to the hiring manager they typically determine (consciously or subconsciously) within Five minutes whether or not they like the person and should proceed.

There is a better way!


Business leaders have the ability improve the lives of the people that work for them by understanding their drivers. These leaders will hire people and put them in positions that allow them to flourish in a role that perfectly fits their behavioral needs. Great business leaders understand that if your people are inspired and aligned properly that your business will exceed its objectives and become a beacon for industry talent.

The Head, Heart, Briefcase methodology will challenge most companies’ standard Talent Acquisition processes and will nearly double hiring effectiveness and success. While there is not a silver bullet that will be 100% accurate, we will help you avoid many costly mistakes and ensure you can spend your time driving your business.

Let’s spend some time diving into what we mean by head, heart, and briefcase:


Cognitive is a great predictor of success for almost every role and should be one of three factors considered when making a hiring decision. We will work directly with you to create (G) Cognitive Ability targets for each of your jobs. As you can see below, we will work assign each job a target, which we will use for our cognitive ability fit score. In this example we have an Administrator, Sales Representative, and Rocket Scientist.

When we dive into the administrator role, we find that the target raw score is 18. However, as you will see below this person scored a 20. Based on the sliding scale below, we find that this person actually scored 10/10 for fit for this role.


As a business leader, imagine having the tools for you and your team to answer less than 100 simple questions, which will automatically build out your role’s behavioral profile and job description. Elevate Talent Advisor tools also allow the ability to facilitate sessions with multiple people within your organization to build consensus around the behavioral profile and cognitive requirements.

We can then administer assessments to candidates that will allow us to compare the needs of the employees against the demands of the role. This behavioral assessment will help us understand if their “heart” is aligned to the role. For instance, if you are hiring someone who needs to be collaborative, a very high dominance score would be a concern.


The final component, Briefcase, is measured by human interaction. A well thought out interview process, a review of a resume, and conversation with references will allow a clear, concise understanding of the applicant.This will give you comfort when offering them a role in your organization.


I’m continuing a journey that I started nearly eight years ago to understand and implement best practice in people management. I believe we will make a great impact on business throughout the country, work with/for some wicked smart people, fundamentally make a difference in peoples lives, and have a lot of fun!

Final Ask

Finding the right people is a challenge that every company faces and I know we can help. However, this isn’t just about finding the right people. Elevate Talent Advisors believes we can help you inspire your staff and provide individualized coaching that will enhance your team’s discretionary effort and drive business results.

Please reach out to me @ 612.483.7569. We can discuss your business and if decoding human behavior could fundamentally change the trajectory of your business.

Randy Thiele

“Leadership is all about people. It is not about organizations. It is not about plans. It is not about strategies. It is all about people-motivating people to get the job done. You have to people-centered.” Colin Powell