What We Do

We help companies decode human behavior to predict and optimize performance in the workplace. People are an organizations biggest asset so understanding how to optimize this opportunity is paramount to strengthening your bottom-line.

Elevate Talent Advisors can help you with all of your talent needs:

Develop Your Future Leaders

Hire the Right Talent

Engage Your People

Optimize Team Dynamics

Develop Your Leadership Team

Leadership development and training needs to be on-going but also flexible to elevate growth within your teams.  A one day leadership class or seminar is not going to deliver the same results as a comprehensive coaching and emersion experience for your leaders.  As leadership talent is one of your most important assets you need to invest the time and resource to optimize this group of leaders who will ultimately drive the profitability of the company.

Do you have the right talent at the leadership level to drive the success that is needed?  Are the leaders aligned on company goals and initiatives to drive the growth that is required?  Does your leadership team have the right support teams to execute against company initiatives?


Elevate Talent Advisors will help craft a leadership strategy that will allow you to assess the following:

Where are you now?

How will you get there?

Where do you want to be?

How will you track and monitor progress?

Elevate Talent Advisors will use the following assessments and practices to enhance and strengthen your leadership team:

Predictive Index – Behavioral and cognitive assessment to ensure job fit

360 degree reviews – get feedback from peers, direct reports and clients

Executive coaching sessions to increase self-awareness and build confidence

Succession planning – Build the right team and organization to allow for growth and upward mobility

Hire the Right Talent

Elevate Talent Advisors will work with your company to understand your current and future needs as it comes to hiring and talent acquisition.  Hiring the right talent is not easy and the statistics prove it.  Less than 25% of companies use objective information to help in the hiring process.

Impact of Intuitive Hiring

$5,100 spent during hiring process

17% Higher Turnover

42 Days to fill position

32% Lower Employer Satisfaction

Office Culture Challenges

3-6 Months longer for employee onboarding

44% Increase in Total Cost of Hire

Social media and job boards have allowed companies to have more access to resumes and candidates but in many cases, this has made the hiring process more challenging.  Having more resumes does not solve the hiring process if those candidates aren’t the right fit for your organization. Elevate Talent Advisors will work with your company to make sure that you are building the right job description that will attract the right candidate.  Using the Predictive Index Behavior Assessment, Job Assessment and Cognitive Assessment will drastically change the way you hire and ensure that your people are in the right roles to succeed and a fit for your organization.

Elevate Talent Advisors will be able to help you answer the following questions:

What can we do to ensure our new hires perform at a high level immediately?

How can we identify & hire top talent more efficiently?

What can we do to avoid making hiring mistakes?

How can I effectively hire for a role that I am not a functional expert?

Engage Your People

People want to work for a company that has a good reputation, great culture and where they fit in.  Elevate Talent Advisors can work with your company to drive employee engagement that will bring meaningful results to your people and your bottom-line.

Align staff to optimal roles

Identify “missed talent” at all levels of your business

Provide a communication platform that allows the “right people” to be in the “right roles”

Create a strong leadership pipeline

Pinpoint your “must keep” talent and build action plans to drive engagement

Create teams that are collaborative and focused on personal and company goals

Create a development plan for your future leaders

Optimize Team Dynamics

Revenue and growth are two key words that are important to any company but to achieve more revenue and a stronger growth trajectory, people and talent need to be at the forefront of all decisions.  Elevate Talent Advisors will get a thorough understanding of your company’s mission, goals and strategy so we can help to facilitate growth in your people and bottom-line.


We will challenge the status quo:

Are you meeting the lofty goals that you have set out for your current budget or long-range plans?

Do you have the right people in the right roles to meet the needs of your current business objectives and future growth plans?

Do team goals align with the broader company strategy?

Do you have a sales culture within your company or can it be improved?

Elevate Talent Advisors has extensive experience in building, empowering and enabling teams through coaching and training.